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Hundreds Gather on the Dock for Music In The Park!

Hundreds of folks have enjoyed the free concerts in Riverfront Park, many have asked for more to happen. A combination of the City of Apalachicola and several organizations is working hard to make that a reality. The City's History, Culture and Arts Board with assistance from Historic Apalachicola Main Street, Inc. are planning to have these concerts at least once a month, if not more based on funding from the community. The organizers believe that the "Music In The Park" activities serve many important roles. These activities draw a combination of locals and visitors into the downtown area, increasing the liklihood that they will return at other times to shop and dine downtown. Many people stop by on their way to dinner or after they've had a delicious meal at one of our many unique restaurants.  The concerts also bring the community together, strengthening relationships between friends, neighbors and visitors. They are just wonderful moments, and the dock looking over the river and bay is breathtaking.  During the cold months, we'll need to bring our music indoors to the Center for History, Culture and Art.  We'll keep you posted. 

Posted by Joe Taylor - Sunday, 05/29/11, 05:21 PM - Comments - Category: Events

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